This is not the original Google site but a fictional fun site related to my private project.

With this fictional Google you can search as Bella does in the Twilight movie. If you type "Quileute Legends" as she does you will find the results she gets in the movie. Just the same when you type "Cold Ones".

Since Bellas Google results don't exist in real life, my first intention with this site was to reconstruct the scene when Bella searches for "Quileute Legends" and "Cold Ones".

As you can see in the pictures the Google style is that from 2008. So did I.

Wan't to feel like Bella? Feel free to visit the fictional Google of and type "Quileute Legends".

I understand that the Google website of and all of its search results are fictional and that neither the website nor the search results are related to the original Google site and its search results in real life.